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Welcome to the ultimate guide on Jute Industries Ltd., a leading #jute manufacturer shaping the landscape of sustainable fashion. In this enlightening video, we delve into the rich history, innovative processes, and eco-friendly initiatives of Jute Industries Ltd. Discover how this renowned company has revolutionized the jute industry with its commitment to quality and sustainability. From raw jute to exquisite woven products, witness the craftsmanship and dedication that sets Jute Industries Ltd. apart. Join us on a journey that highlights the importance of supporting ethical and environmentally conscious #manufacturers. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening exploration of Jute Industries Ltd.’s remarkable work!

About Company: This is a largest extant manufacturer of jute products. The company offers Yarn, jute, cloth bags and agro textile products etc. With over 6 decades of experience in the Jute Industry, They are one of the leading existent manufacturers of jute products. Their expertise is magnified by the machinery, technology, and product innovation they employ.

For the post of Senior Labour Officer Profile required as:

  • Job Title: Senior Labor Officer.
  • Location: Shaktigarh, Burdwan, Hooghly.
  • Industry Type: Jute Manufacturing.
  • Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent.
  •  Age : 35+ years need.
  • Salary Range: 12 LPA to 15 LPA.
  • Experience needed: Min 10 years in ( Jute/Yarn/Textile/Manufacturing/Similar Industry)

Job Description:

  • Handling the Trade union and their issues, settlements of wages and issues between Unions and Management, Attending the conciliation proceeding before a conciliation officer and also responsible for taking disciplinary action against delinquent employees and Conducting domestic inquiry, preparing the show cause notices, charge sheets, etc., punishment by looking employees previous service record.
  • Drafting the Wage settlements and grievances settlements agreement between the Unions and management.
  • Meeting with union members, correspondence, and giving feedback to Management.
  • Ensure effective implementation of settlements between Unions and management.
  • Grievance handling and redressal of complaints.
  • Ensure proper compliance of CLRA act, Minimum wages act, Bonus act, EPF and ESIC, Maternity Benefit, Factories act, etc.
  • Work actively in setting a harmonious IR Culture. Strong Grievance handling, Domestic inquiries, Welfare of employees, Statutory / Non-statutory compliances under various acts like E.P.F., E.S.I., L.W.F and Factory Act.
  • Strong knowledge of IR policies & procedures.
  • Long-Term Settlement. Union negotiation.
  • Handle lay off situation.

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