About us

About Us

My Job Ka - a job portal is for job seekers / candidates as well as for employers / companies / agents to help them meet their skills requirements with much ease and convenience. This will help for a hand shake of a right person with a right employer. The portal has been designed and developed with the objectives of ease of use that even a novice can start using it in no time and the portal starts delivering results right there.
This portal is a result of rich experience in the leading global corporate for several years and is supported by the high profile technocrats and entrepreneurs.
ISHAT buildwell of RST Group and KavvY IT Consulting LLP are the promoters of this My Job Ka - a job portal.

RST group had been in the real estate business for several years mainly in the National Capital region, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon and in Uttra Khand. RST group also founded the ONDESIGN architects and planners which has established studios in Delhi, Gurgaon & Ghaziabad.

KavvY group are pioneer in the field of Information technology and had been the brain behind the conceptualization in putting the real estate experiences in the work that anybody can use it with ease. KavvY @Kavvy.in has been a name in the information technology with global client base. KavvY successfully launched www.MySonea.com providing Matrimonial & Dating services globally, www.zameenwale.com the Real estate portal and www.KavvYfoods.com a Super Health Foods portal in India.

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At My Job Ka portal, we understand your you and your requirements thus accordingly put it in a shape to help you

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My Job Ka portal is to make hand shake of a right candidate with a right employer helping to bring the synergy of a kind.


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At My Job Ka portal, we call our employees “Dream Makers” because everyone here works for the ultimate purpose.

Varun Sirohi

Varun Sirohi

CEO & Co-Founder
At My Job Ka portal, we decided to work in reshaping that the right hand gets the right job and vise-a-versa that a company gets a right resource with much ease and convenience.
K B Singh

K B Singh

Executive Director & Founder
At My Job Ka portal, we call our team members, Job provider Employers and Companies as well as job Agents the Dream Makers because everyone works to help people and companies achieve their dreams.
Vibha Sirohi

Vibha Sirohi

Executive Director & Co-Founder
At My Job Ka portal, we are committed and work hard to make you meet a right employer and a company a right human resource . If there is a right hand shake then there are positive wives around making life much happier.

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