Job Trends

Experts in the field will be bringing in the jobs trends which will help you to suitably hone up and harness your skills accordingly to take full benefit of the opportunity.

Let us begin with asking you a simple question. Why do you think we ask for your mobile number? As you would have guessed, we ask for it so that recruiters can contact you for matching job opportunities.

Some of us forget this simple thing and knowingly or unknowingly, provide our incorrect contact details. Due to this, when a recruiter dials the number mentioned in your profile, she is unable to do so & the opportunity is lost. Note: We do not ask for your username or password in an email.

Wondering why would someone enter someone else’s number? Here are a few reasons why:

1. You changed your mobile number and forgot to update your profile
2. You unknowingly entered a wrong number
3. You don’t want to share your mobile number and entered a random number matching someone else’s mobile number. That’s not good. You should always provide your own contact number otherwise the recruiters will not be able to contact you.

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  • K B Singh
    K B Singh 4 years ago

    The job trends at the moment are sluggish and not likely to improve in the present circumstances.

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